Chapter 1371: Forced By The Circumstances

The Empyrean River Palace and Sublime Chord Temple immediately volunteered as well. Their fates were tied to Pillfire City’s. There was no going back. Being proactive would only benefit them.

Six volunteers from the three factions immediately departed for the Moon God Sect. 

Jiang Chen had naturally witnessed everything. Pillfire had lowered themselves to the point where no underhanded method was beneath them.

They sure are going all out against me. He fretted, no longer afford to sit around idly. I mustn’t let Qingxuan fall into their hands or the consequences will be unimaginable. I must stop them! He wracked his mind for a solution. 

Moments later, he came up with a plan. First, he’d have to depart the premises. There was no consequence for leaving the residence here as he’d fully refined it. No one could take it. Additionally, the palace had multiple exits and Emperor Pillzenith...

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