Chapter 1370: A Wicked Plan

Great emperors, especially those of Emperor Pillzenith’s level, were extremely sensitive to danger. The restriction inside the palace wasn’t meant to be a trap and little effort had been put into keeping it hidden. Thus, it was much easier to notice.  The group remained frozen where they were with dark expressions.

Outside, they were beings that could shake the entire human domain with a single stomp. But inside the palace, they were at a mercy of a sharp blade over their heads, one that could descend at any moment. They had to be cautious.

“Your Majesty, did you find something?” Emperor Tallpeak asked quietly.

Emperor Pillzenith was still observing the restriction with his consciousness. “We can’t take a step further.” He sighed gently. A dark fear flashed through his eyes.

“Is there something up front?” Alarmed, Emperor Tallpeak asked yet again.

Emperor Pillzenith’s expression...

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