Chapter 1369: Pouring In

Emperor Heartcloud’s consciousness was caught only for a moment. He reacted as soon as the mighty attack from the Heavenly Chalice Sword Formation hurtled down at him. But in the Great Dream of Spring and Autumn Formation, he only had that split second’s worth of instinct to maneuver in to react and dodge the attack in time.

It was a pity that his reflexes were still a beat too slow.

The explosive point blasted into him with power enough to destroy heaven and earth.


The entire residence shook as Heartcloud’s body was churned into nothingness by this terrifying might, leaving not a single trace behind.

Jiang Chen was awed by how thoroughly the former great emperor had been destroyed. He knew that the Heavenly Chalice Sword Formation was strong, but hadn’t known just how strong.

“I’m just at ‘minor achievement’ right now and can utilize such power with sixteen flying swords. What happens when I can control twenty-five, thirty-six, or all eighty-one swords? Won’t my...

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