Chapter 1368: Emperor Heartcloud

Jiang Chen’s Kunpeng Meteoric Escape was faster than the average great emperor in absolute terms. Within the residence, his speed was increased even more.

Because Emperor Heartcloud was in enemy territory, he could barely use eighty percent of his cultivation. Therefore, Jiang Chen intentionally slowed himself down a bit to allow Emperor Heartcloud to catch up.

From the outside, the residence didn’t look particularly big. However, its internals hid a whole new world. Veluriyam’s young lord led Emperor Heartcloud in panicked circles all around the space.

He didn’t lead the emperor into his trap immediately because he saw the man’s natural caution. If he had led the enemy to a predetermined place immediately, the great emperor would surely have doubts about what he was doing.

A bit of a circuitous movement was needed to gain his enemy’s trust first. Jiang Chen wanted Emperor Heartcloud to believe that his prey was in a pinch, and there was a very real chance for him...

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