Chapter 1367: A Bold Plan

The crowd stood behind Emperor Pillzenith, casting hesitant looks at the palace that had appeared out of nowhere. Not even the locals knew what was going on. Its sudden appearance was simply too suspicious. They were all peerless experts in the human domain, but fear of death was only human nature.

“Who’s willing to go in and take a look?” Emperor Pillzenith asked coldly.

The great emperors looked at one another, but no one volunteered.

“Daoist Luo Jue, since this is your territory, why don’t you go in and have a look? Perhaps this residence is actually an ancient secret realm that’s recently emerged.” Emperor Pillzenith glanced at the faction leader.

His target frowned. “There’s no past record of this place. Its sudden emergence is simply too suspicious. I’m afraid nothing good will come out of this if we enter. This is a setup!”

Send me in first? Luo Jue was no fool. He wouldn't...

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