Chapter 1366: Jiang Chen’s Trump Card

Finally, Jiang Chen’s eyes settled upon Emperor Everviolet’s undecipherable face. “Emperor Everviolet, I’m surprised that a character like you has been fooled by this idiot Pillzenith into fighting an unwinnable battle. Is your rumored haughtiness and pride all for show?”

The wandering great emperor harrumphed. “Everyone knows you’re a fast talker, kid. If you’re trying to incite me into doing anything, you’d better give up now.”

Jiang Chen waved a hand. “I don’t need to do that. Anyone who stands with Pillzenith stands as an enemy against me.”

“Enough!” Emperor Pillzenith shouted suddenly. “Jiang Chen, I let those people go already. Now you’re the only person left. Do you think that you’ll be able to turn the tables with just a silver tongue? If you know what’s good for you, surrender now!”

“That’s right. What are you waiting for? Just give up already.”

“Your Majesty, I’ll lead the attack. Let me capture that kid and present him before you.”

“Allow me, Your Majesty!”

Emperor Pillzenith laughed viciously. “Don’t get ahead of yourselves. I’m going to take him down myself. I’d like to see what a so-called genius that managed...

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