Chapter 1365: A Surprising Decision

Stepping forward, Su Huanzhen uttered a soft plea. “Young lord Jiang Chen, you were chosen by Emperor Peafowl. You bear his hopes and dreams and shouldn’t simply throw yourself to the wolves. We can fight them. They have a lot of people, but a battle between great emperors isn’t necessarily desirable for either party.”

A battle between great emperors was usually fierce and brutal. The only way the other side could win was through a pyrrhic victory. A war of attrition wasn’t desirable for the other factions, even if it might have been for Pillzenith.

Emperor Wellspring chuckled. “Pillzenith, you should’ve used only Pillfire’s own to fight Jiang Chen. Bringing the others to take the brunt of the assault with you is a wonderful plan. If all of these sect elites die, you can go take over their factions afterward. Half the Upper Eight Regions will be yours! Wonderful, truly wonderful.”

The emperor was clever enough to do the same as Emperor Pillzenith had done: psychological warfare to divide and conquer the other side. The coalition of Pillfire...

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