Chapter 1364: Facing Off Before the Formations

Having realized this, Jiang Chen walked up, staring at the leader of the opposing group with indifference. “Pillzenith, there’s no need for pointless pretense any more. You want to kill me, but you don’t even have the courage to show your own face. It seems that you’re just rotten trash at your core.

“All of you over there, do you think I can’t guess who you are with masks on? Everyone from Pillfire City is here. We also have the Sublime Chord Temple, the Empyrean River Palace, and the Eternal Celestial Capital… hmm, maybe there’s a few from the Heavenly Dragon Sect too?”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “We’ve so many great emperors here, but I I think you’re all eunuchs. That certainly explains your lack of fortitude. How scared of me do you have to be to resort to this?” The young lord cackled relentlessly.

His words chafed enough for one in the opposing group to tear away and toss his mask onto the ground.

“Your Majesty Pillzenith, there’s no need for this charade. What’s the point of wearing these masks if he’s already guessed who we are? We should bring the fight into the open.” The speaker...

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