Chapter 1363: Enemies Meet On A Narrow Path

Jiang Chen’s choice was a bit risky. Still, he felt that the risk was well worth the rewards. If he attracted more attention to himself, his parents’ route would be less dangerous in turn.

He was perfectly willing to be with his parents, but he had a strong premonition that Emperor Pillzenith would try something this time.

Pillfire still hadn’t responded with much of anything after he took out two of their great emperors. This kind of silence didn’t fit with Emperor Pillzenith’s style. The quieter things were, the more terrifying the conspiracy behind it.

Jiang Chen’s trip to the Moon God Sect had been entirely undetected, but the return trip was no secret at all. It wasn’t that he didn't trust the sect, but that the sect was large enough to have at least a handful of people close to Pillfire.

As long as those people existed, information about him could be easily leaked to Emperor Pillzenith. How would he pass up such an obvious opportunity for revenge?

Jiang Chen didn't think he would be so kind.

When he was first departing from the Moon God Sect’s...

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