Chapter 1362: Jiang Chen’s Remarkable Move

Third Master Jing tried his best to keep Jiang Chen, but the young lord was firm in his decision and departed from the Moon God Sect early next morning. The night before, he summoned all of his powerful companions for a meeting.

His journey home was going to be completely different from his trip to the Moon God Sect. Back then, he’d wanted everyone to journey separately because he didn’t want any mishaps to affect his father’s marriage proposal, but this arrangement was no longer suitable.

“Congratulations, young lord Jiang Chen. Have we completed our mission now that your parents are reunited?”

“Yeah. What do you plan to do next?” The crowd glanced eagerly at Jiang Chen. He had mused long and hard on his answer as well. 

“Everyone, we arrived at the Moon God Sect separately, but I believe it’d be more appropriate if we travel together on the way back.” Jiang Chen raised a cupped fist salute. “After receiving such staunch support, I’ll definitely expedite the refinement of the Pinecrane Pill when I return. Sectmaster...

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