Chapter 1361: Emperor Pillzenith’s Ambitions

The Empyrean River Palace was located in the northeast of the Upper Eight Regions. Out of the eight great first rank sects, it was Pillfire’s staunchest supporter. The other first rank sects wouldn’t lower themselves and willingly submit to another faction, but the Empyrean River Palace abased itself without a moment’s hesitation. It did Pillfire’s bidding, its deference plain for all to see.

Hence, its words carried little weight or authority among the eight first rank sects, but the sect itself thought little of it.

At this moment, an urgent, encrypted missive from Pillfire found its way to the sect head.

The man’s brows bunched in a deep frown. “Emperor Pillzenith writes I am to set off this instant and make due haste for the Eternal Celestial Capital. It brooks no delay? Does he have an urgent mission for me?”

The trip wasn’t a short one. However, from...

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