Chapter 1359: Great Emperors Convene at Pillfire City

As the largest leading faction in the Upper Eight Regions for the last three thousand years, Pillfire City had a shocking stockpile of both raw strength and resources.

In stark contrast to Emperor Peafowl’s visionary outlook, Emperor Pillzenith was a man of pure ambition. He lusted after power and authority and above all else, supremacy over others. It was difficult to say which of the two emperors was stronger.

But in terms of character and aura, Emperor Peafowl was widely recognized as a gentleman in the Upper Eight Regions. Even his enemies respected and admired his honor.

Emperor Pillzenith lacked equivalent compassion and morals. He didn’t have the noble spirit of putting the world before himself, nor did he hold any feelings for the misfortunes of the world.

In summary, Emperor Peafowl was empathic while Emperor Pillzenith was ambitious.

Under the compulsion of his ambition, Emperor Pillzenith took Pillfire City to greater and greater heights. The city’s visible assets placed it in a publicly acknowledged first place pos...

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