Chapter 1358: Discussion of the Greater Picture

Xu Qingxuan was one of the Moon God Sect’s best geniuses. She was the cream of the true disciples’ crop, an extremely hot contender for the next senior sectmaster. She still couldn’t compare to Jiang Chen’s radiance, but she wasn’t really intent on beating him in actuality. It was merely a bit of girlish mischief, enjoyment of arguing with her brother.

It took a bit of verbal effort to win his mother, but the entire process was much smoother than Jiang Chen had expected. He was able to see the senior sectmaster alone that day and handed the listed betrothal presents to her.

The senior sectmaster was more pleased with Jiang Chen the more she looked at him. She was mildly embarrassed to receive his gifts. After all, Jiang Feng and Xu Meng were husband and wife to begin with. The Moon God Sect was the party responsible for breaking them up, yet it ended up becoming the recipient of a set of extravagant wedding presents.

But as a leader of a major sect, she knew that Jiang Chen’s gifts were for his parents’ marriage in name only. They had a more...

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