Chapter 1357: All’s Well That Ends Well

Xu Meng and Jiang Feng held each other in a sobbing embrace. Seeing them, the senior sectmaster was seized by contradictory feelings. As a sectmaster, her chastity was still intact to this day. She’d previously held little interest for the feelings between husband and wife. But at the sight of Xu Meng, of her husband who loved her so very much, of her oh-so-outstanding son and remarkable daughter...

Despite her lofty status as sectmaster, perhaps she wasn’t as successful in life, comparatively speaking!

Jiang Chen shared in the happiness of his parents’ reunion. With a smile, he handed a list of gifts to the senior sectmaster. “Senior Sectmaster, you can accept these betrothal gifts now, right?”

The senior sectmaster glanced at the second sectmaster. Seeing the latter pale but showing no signs of active opposition, she realized with delight that her peer had finally swallowed her prejudice.

With a polite smile, she accepted Jiang Chen’s list. Astonishment flickered on her face when she glanced at it....

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