Chapter 1356: Husband And Wife Reunited

The senior sectmaster couldn’t be more familiar with the second sectmaster’s character. She could tell from the look on the latter’s face that her fiery temper was about to explode.

“Number Two, stay calm. Since young lord Jiang Chen’s made his request, we ought to investigate as repayment for what he did for the Moon God Precious Tree. If a misunderstanding indeed exists between us, then we should let bygones be bygones and allow husband and wife to reunite.” The senior sectmaster hurried to extinguish the fire.

But the second sectmaster was truly short-tempered. She sneered. “Senior Sectmaster, do you believe him simply because he threw out a few random sentences? How can such a coincidence exist in this world? That abandoned child tainted my Blue Moon bloodline, so I had her killed when my disciples brought her back. How could I possibly hand her over now?” She decided to simply deny everything outright.

Behind her, Xu Qingxuan paled, clearly stung by the words. A shiver coursed through her lovely figure.


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