Chapter 1355: Marriage Discussions

The senior sectmaster took in a deep breath, puzzlement coloring her eyes. “Young lord, please forgive me if I don’t understand. If not you, who’s looking to wed?”

Jiang Chen smiled. “I’m here for my father’s sake.”

Father? Those of the Moon God Sect were even more confused. Wasn’t that too bizarre? A son proposing marriage for his father? It was usually the other way around! This was incredibly absurd!

“I’m perplexed, young lord Jiang Chen. Who might your honored father be? Is your honored mother still in good health?”

“My mother is naturally in good health. In fact, I came to welcome her on behalf of my father.” Jiang Chen’s smile was serene.

“How ridiculous!” Behind the senior sectmaster, Holy Maiden Xi Yuan could no longer restrain herself. When she’d attended the Dragon and Tiger Meet, the young lord had seemed more interested in Holy Maiden Xu Shan, while she herself had been met with a cold shoulder. That had been enough to foment some resentment. His preposterous words were an occasion for her to...

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