Chapter 1354: The Stunning Marriage Proposal Procession

After settling in Dan Fei and Nian’er, Jiang Chen declared he would go into seclusion, not for cultivation, but to refine Pillcrane Pills. Acquiring two Goldencrown Cloudcranes had eased the pressing issues of ingredient shortage.

Two of the spirit creatures were enough for three cauldrons of Pinecrane Pills. A total of twenty-five pills was a conservative estimate; more than thirty wasn’t out of the question. The final amount depended on refining skill and heat control.

Jiang Chen possessed utmost confidence when it came to pill-refining. The last time he’d refined this pill had been the first time since his reincarnation that he’d tackled such a difficult pill, hence his technique hadn’t been perfect. 

But this second attempt was different. With the experience garnered from his first attempt, he was even more confident in his success, as well as in the quantity he could produce. More importantly, the Goldencrown Cloudcranes were adult ones, unlike the young one from last time.

As for the Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine,...

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