Chapter 1353: A Woman’s Heart Is Unfathomable

With her change in attitude, Dan Fei instantly gained the sincere acceptance of Jiang Chen’s guards and followers, particularly when everyone learned she’d sacrificed her virtue to help him in his time of need. 

After she’d learned of her pregnancy, she’d made the resolute decision to leave Skylaurel as to not affect him. As a result, she’d suffered countless hardships during her wanderings.

“Sister Goyou, I was an ignorant little girl back then. Please forgive me if I ever offended you. You’re my good sister, so I’ll need your help in the future if anything happens.”

Gouyu had been somewhat on her guard against Dan Fei, but she was now won over. Perhaps a girl only gained true maturity after motherhood.

“Dan Fei, I was also in the wrong. Let’s forget the past. The residence is going to be livelier with  you around.” Gouyu was a candid and magnanimous woman. Now that Dan Fei had softened her stance, Gouyu welcomed her with open arms. As for Nian’er, Eastern Zhiruo had already taken her away to play.

Walking side by side, Gouyu and Dan...

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