Chapter 1352: Jiang Chen’s Daughter, Nian’er

Jiang Chen’s first order of business after returning to Veluriyam was an urgent visit to Plumscore Retreat. Seeing his daughter couldn’t come a second too soon. 

Dan Fei’s mood upon her return was poles apart from when she’d left. Confusion and helplessness had been replaced by contentment and gratification. All the worries gnawing at her had been swept away.

That Emperor Peafowl’s adopted daughter and the young lord were old friends from Myriad Domain flabbergasted the mountain’s residents. They sighed at fate’s bizarre twists and turns. Sacred Peafowl Mountain, it seemed, shared an inextricable bond with Myriad Domain.

The young lord came from Myriad Domain. So did Miss Dan’er. The two of them had even had a daughter together.

Even the young lord’s followers were taken aback, to say nothing of everyone else.

Eastern Gouyu had been in a jubilant mood lately, thanks to her niece Eastern Zhiruo’s arrival. But she felt disquieted when she learned that Emperor...

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