Chapter 1350: Old Master Ye Chonglou

Because of Jiang Chen’s strong support, news about rebuilding Regal Pill Palace spread far and wide across the human domain. Many rumors were strewn across regions everywhere.

Those originally belonging to Myriad Domain who had luckily escaped with their lives in the calamity wept after hearing the news. Because of their homelessness, they’d become wandering cultivators in the meantime. Many of them decided to make the journey home. Myriad Domain was where they belonged!

Of course, the layout of six sects no longer existed. There was only one voice in Myriad Domain now – Regal Pill Palace called the shots by necessity.

A thousand things were waiting to be done. For those who had lost their sects, the decade of meandering had smoothed the edges of their prides. This was particularly true for the younger generation of disciples. 

Upon the falls of their respective sects, they had gnashed their teeth and sworn oaths of vengeance. But they’d spent the ten next years largely wasting away, their angles...

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