Chapter 1349: Jiang Chen’s Invitation

Thanks to the young lord’s speech, the trip ended up being worthwhile for the guests. In comparison, they held no special expectations for the reopening itself. After all, Jiang Chen was the sole reason for their presence, rather than any interest in the Regal Pill Palace.

To the delight of everyone from the sect, the ceremony proceeded in a smooth and dignified manner with just the right degree of pomp and circumstance, thanks to the participation of all the notable figures.

From top to bottom, Jiang Chen’s speech had made the sect members realize how highly he thought of them. They foresaw a future in which they would have the full weight of Veluriyam behind them. There would be no more six great sects in Myriad Domain like in the past, but the one and only Regal Pill Palace.

The guests didn’t linger after the magnificent banquet and presented themselves to bid farewell.

Jiang Chen said with a smile, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve tried to acquire a few items in the Dragon and Tiger...

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