Chapter 1348: Rebuilding The Regal Pill Palace

News of the Regal Pill Palace’s rebuilding quickly spread throughout the entire human domain. Those invited gave great face and gladly attended the reopening ceremony. No one refused, especially the wandering great emperors who’d been promised a Pinecrane Pill. They rushed there without a care for what they had been doing. 

The sects on friendly terms with Veluriyam also sent representatives to offer their congratulations. Clearly, Jiang Chen’s prestige in the human territory had exceeded that of a young genius. He was now viewed as one of the leaders of humankind.

Never before in its history had the Regal Pill Palace seen such a bustling occasion as today. Honored powerhouses from the seven seas flocked to its gates. Everyone wanted to see what was so remarkable about this sect to have produced a genius like Jiang Chen.

Amongst the eight first-rank sects, the Great Yu Skysword Sect, the Celestial Cicada Court, and the Ninesuns Sky Sect dispatched leading figures as a sign of their respect.

As for the...

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