Chapter 1347: Eastern Zhiruo

Sensing Jiang Chen’s hesitation, Emperor Peerless strove to urge him again, “Young lord, there will be ample time in the future. If fortune watches over Emperor Peafowl, then he’ll have his own means of survival. If not, then I fear it’s already too late. The human territory seems at peace nowadays, but deep undercurrents run below the surface. The balance of the entire territory rests on your shoulders.” Emperor Peerless’s words were no exaggeration.

When it came to strategic importance, the current Jiang Chen was heads above the former Emperor Peafowl. After all, he wasn’t merely Veluriyam’s ruler. Many sects on friendly terms with Veluriyam were also involved.

The current human territory was roughly divided in three camps. Veluriyam and affiliated factions. Pillfire City and allies. Those who sat on the fence were the third.

Even if Jiang Chen didn’t meet with mishap in the wildlands, simply being temporarily stranded would push Veluriyam into chaos. His friends, his family, sect, followers would either scatter or be simply subdued by...

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