Chapter 1346: News of Emperor Peafowl

Jiang Chen’s anger didn’t abate after dispatching the horned man. Without missing a beat, his flying swords made a sharp turn and shot at the deadpan Old Ma.

It would be a bald-faced lie to say the thought of running away hadn’t crossed Old Ma’s mind. Unfortunately, his companion had been slaughtered mere moments after he flirted with the idea. The entire space had been sealed off by the Great Dream of Autumn and Spring Formation. Even great emperors needed time and effort to break out. Fleeing was much easier said than done. This was why Jiang Chen felt confident he could kill them.

Old Ma’s cultivation was in fact, a little higher than his companion’s. There had been opportunities to slip away when he was engaged with Emperor Vastsea. He simply hadn’t anticipated that things would change so fast.

For that reason, his reaction came too late. By the time he finally responded, his routes of escape had been sealed off by two formations, one for attacking and the other for trapping. In the meantime, three great emperors rained lethal moves on him.

Old Ma found himself in an even sorrier...

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