Chapter 1345: No Quarter Given

Jiang Chen naturally wouldn’t mindlessly butt into the fight. As Veluriyam’s young lord, each of his steps had to be carefully planned. In fact, he’d been keeping an eye on the progress of the fight when chatting with Ye Rong and Dan Fei.

After careful observation, he noticed the fight was in a deadlock.

The horn-faced great emperor couldn’t find a window for retaliation under the combined assault of Emperor Peerless and Emperor Coiling Dragon. However, he seemed determined to hold fast and wouldn’t be defeated easily.

That was why Jiang Chen had to join in.

It might be too late once the two opponents realized they couldn’t win and decided to bolt. After all, when great emperors fought and no one held an overwhelming superiority in cultivation, an earth-shattering treasure was required to subdue the enemy and deny them all hope of escape.

Jiang Chen stood outside the battle zone. Hand seals followed in close succession as he set up a formation.

He’d obtained enough True Heavensfall Iron to manufacture all eighty-one flying swords required for the Heavenly Chalice...

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