Chapter 1344: Old Friends Meet Again

Jiang Chen didn’t care much about how the battle was proceeding. He tenderly clutched Dan Fei closer to him, allowing her to cry into his chest. He knew that her accumulated frustration and grief sorely needed alleviation. There was no need for talk.

A good cry was a much more effective solution. Perhaps Dan Fei will feel a lot better after?

Weeping for a long while calmed the lady’s emotions down. She finally came to the realization that she wasn’t dreaming after all. The dream she’d repeated for all these past years had come true. Everything seemed as incredible as a fairy tale.

“Am I really not dreaming?” She raised her head gently, looking directly at Jiang Chen’s well-defined, dignified face. His appearance emanated an almost intoxicating manliness.

She’d yearned for this through the days and nights, a scene she had wished for whenever she awoke from a midnight delusion.

She was tangibly together with him once more.

“It’s not a dream. Not at all.” Jiang Chen sighed...

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