Chapter 1343: Reality or Dream?

Jiang Chen?

The two great emperors traded a look. Wariness crept into the corners of their eyes. In theory, a cultivator as young as Jiang Chen wasn’t someone to be feared by these older men regardless of his talent. But Jiang Chen – the previous young lord Zhen – had a tremendous amount of momentum behind him in recent years. Even Emperor Pillzenith had suffered some losses at his hand.

Before they left Pillfire City for Myriad Domain, Emperor Pillzenith had given them a specific mission. He’d instructed them to take note of anyone from Veluriyam Capital or young lord Zhen. Hearing that Jiang Chen was in Myriad Domain himself filled their hearts with wariness.

Still, they had information enough to know that the young lord had come to rebuild the Regal Pill Palace. The Palace wasn’t far from here, but one couldn’t cover the distance in mere moments, either.

If Jiang Chen really was coming to Skylaurel Kingdom, he wouldn’t send Emperor Vastsea ahead...

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