Chapter 1342: Under Siege

Skylaurel Kingdom had never seen so much activity or faced such great peril since its inception.  The entire capital was a hot cauldron that was about to come to a boil. Three cultivators were clashing in the skies directly above the kingdom. Their exchanges contained enough power to shatter the mountains and split the seas.

Three more cultivators watched from below. They were extremely absorbed in the battle and yearned to join the fight, but their strength was simply inadequate. They’d restrained a woman and were keeping her within reach. It was Dan Fei! She could only watch anxiously as she couldn’t move a single muscle.

Emperor Vastsea was one of the three fighting cultivators. As for the other two, one had such a deadpan, expressionless that he seemed like the walking dead or wearing a mask. The other had an ugly face with an enormous horn-like wart...

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