Chapter 1341: Dan Fei, Dan’er?

A clap of thunder roared past his ears when the name flashed through Jiang Chen’s mind, freezing him in place. Dan Fei? Emperor Peafowl’s adopted daughter, Miss Dan’er?

The thought that they could be related had never crossed his mind. He’d learned of Dan Fei’s departure from the Taifu residence after his return from the Skylaurel trial. She’d even left a letter for him to the residence’s servants.

The letter contained a single line—Even thousands and thousands of words are insufficient, I will never regret pining for my love.

To this day, the letter resided in his storage ring. The memories of that period sometimes came back to him over the years, reminding him of this girl who was a little competitive, a little arrogant, but also a little petulant.

Many things had happened to Jiang Chen as the years went by. But now and then, in the dead of the night, he sometimes thought of her and his time in Skylaurel. Moreover, Ye Chonglou had also enjoined him to look for Dan Fei when he could.

Jiang Chen had always kept this...

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