Chapter 1340: Dan Fei’s Decision

Dan Fei secretly admired Vastsea’s power. Apart from the even mightier arts she’d once seen from Emperor Peafowl, Vastsea’s prowess was as great as anything she’d ever witnessed.

The Geng brothers also shared a look tinged with respect. Great emperors were something else alright. Elder Qiu hadn’t had the slightest chance for escape or resistance. The brothers couldn’t match the great emperor even if they tried their hardest.

Just like the Jiao brothers, the Geng brothers used to think of Vastsea as nothing more than Emperor Shura’s lackey, forced by the circumstances to surrender to Jiang Chen. They thought his character despicable, hence they subconsciously looked down on him.

Now that they’d witnessed his impressive power, they finally realized that flattery wasn’t the only thing he was proficient in. His mastery at fighting was nothing to sneeze at.

Elder Qiu drooped like a defeated rooster in Vastsea’s hand. After sealing his prisoners’ vital points, the great emperor tossed them on the ground.

“Brothers, bring these two guys back to the Regal Pill Palace and tell the young lord...

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