Chapter 134: A Disadvantaged Half Step Spirit Dao Practitioner

Chapter 134: A Disadvantaged Half Step Spirit Dao Practitioner

Jiang Chen, eleven meridians true qi master.

Senior brother Yi, half step spirit realm.

Logically speaking, the two weren’t on the same level at all with regards to the differences in their actual strength.

However, as this stunning Wave Surge was cleaved out, the gleam of the blade activated by the majestic true qi was exquisite from its peak down to its most minute details as it cleaved through the empty air.

The strong true qi current immediately scattered the currents within the empty air.

The six chains formed by the air currents were dispersed as those air currents scattered chaotically.

The sound of metal clashing against metal rang piercingly through the air.

It was a draw after one move!

“Mm?” Senior brother Yi was a bit surprised. “The true qi realm can actually disturb the currents of my spirit power and break the restraints of my chains of wind and cloud?”

Jiang Chen had forced back the other’s attack with a single flourish of his blade and compelled the Goldwing Swordbird to move swiftly backward when the other was still dumbfounded.

Golden light broke through the air as Jiang Chen’s Da Yu bow was already in his hand.


Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Three arrows shot mercilessly in quick succession...

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