Chapter 1339: Tears Of Joy

Dan Fei’s mind turned blank. Her brain WAS mush at Vastsea’s words. She murmured, “Precious Tree Sect, the sixteen kingdoms alliance? Young Lord Zhen? Emperor Vastsea, are you playing a joke on me?”

“Of course not.” Vastsea grinned. “The whole world knows. Ask the Geng brothers if you don’t believe me. Both of them are young lord Jiang Chen’s trusted followers.”

Jiang Chen?

These two words were a bolt from the blue. Her tender figure shook. She almost thought she was hallucinating. The name she’d longed for for so many years had resounded in her ears without the slightest warning.

Born in the sixteen kingdoms alliance, once a disciple of the Precious Tree Sect, and now the young lord of Veluriyam? Jiang Chen?

“Miss Dan’er, are you alright?” Vastsea was baffled. “Do you really know the young lord?”

Vastsea found this incredulous. Miss Dan’er had been on Sacred Peafowl Mountain all this time while Jiang Chen was the mountain’s young lord. They should’ve met already. How was it possible for them not to know each...

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