Chapter 1338: Nearing The Truth

“Haha, but can you escape?” The assailant’s voice was rough, but his movements were as quick as could be. Elder Qiu’s warning only spurred him onwards.

Lu Yi had no time at all to react before his head received a resounding slap. A crunch was all that was heard before his neck was bent. He fell over dead on the spot.

Zhao Mang was scared witless by the viciousness of this new man. He used all the strength he had to deploy the three giant pythons, sweeping the beasts towards the pouncing man. He himself turned into a streak of light, darting to his master, Elder Qiu.

Dan Fei had personal experience with the strength of the pythons. “Careful!” she cried out upon the snakes’ charge.

Glancing at Dan Fei for a moment, the man was a little surprised by the gesture. “No worries, leave it to me,” he grinned. “But how kind of you.”

A cackle and two outstretched hands heralded the man’s Dragon-Slaying Hand technique. He waded into melee combat with the three pythons.


A vicious punch slammed into one of the reptiles’ scalp.


The python’s head was smashed to smithereens.


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