Chapter 1337: An Elder of the Empyrean River Palace

Dan Fei shifted left and right, maneuvering in every direction. Yet no matter how quickly she moved, she couldn’t escape the three pythons’ encirclement. The three giant snakes were filled with an ancient aura. They’d coiled their sinuous bodies into an invincible formation.

“Hmph, wench! Accept your defeat!” Zhao Mang flashed a contented smirk to himself. Capable hunters always enjoyed most the sight of squirming prey. It was an indescribable feeling, but he was filled with exactly that. A pretty female cultivator falling to his powerful methods!

Dan Fei continually deployed her peafowl feathers. Unfortunately, because her cultivation level was limited, the power that she could extract from the feathers was equally limited.

Though the feathers were faster than lightning and always hit their marks, the three giant pythons had thick scales and hides. The reptiles’ tempered bodies meant that they enjoyed the protection of a thick shell. Dan Fei’s...

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