Chapter 1336: A Powerful Showdown

With his extraordinary aura and his status as a true disciple of the Empyrean River Palace, Zhao Mang was ordinarily full of pride. These traits were even more exaggerated now that he’d arrived in an insignificant place like the sixteen kingdoms alliance.

He surveyed the panorama below, his eyes showing disdain for all things living, until his gaze suddenly landed on a young, graceful woman. Her tall and slender figure was beautiful and as conspicuous as a rare orchid in this mountain valley.

“Hm?” Zhao Mang’s interest was piqued. Ole Mo had mentioned that Qin Thirteen’s killer was an attractive girl.

Zhao Mang hadn’t put much stock in the old man’s words. Ole Mo was crude and unrefined, so what did he know of attractive women? Seeing her with his own eyes now, he finally realized the truth of the old man’s words. 

Even he was secretly awed, the stirrings of desire stoked in his heart. “Where does this young woman come from? Such bearing, she should be famous in the human domain!”

Beside him, his junior brother Lu Yi was also stunned by Dan Fei’s appearance.

“I’m a true disciple of the Empyrean River Palace...

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