Chapter 1335: The True Disciple From The Empyrean River Palace

Ole Mo The Eighth was dismayed. He couldn’t quell his trepidation even now. He was one of Qin Thirteen’s loyal followers and the only one who’d made it out alive. That wench wasn’t any stronger than Qin Thirteen, but the ominous weapon she’d suddenly unleashed was too dreadful.

His face pallid, Ole Mo trembled from head to toe at the mere thought of that flash of light followed by heads rolling. He’d never heard of such a terrifying treasure.

He and his companions had been indulging in pleasure just moments ago, only to see the sectmaster die the next instant, along with all his companions. All of them, dead! Ole Mo himself was now a stray dog.

He looked back as he ran, afraid the mighty weapon would catch up to him if he even blinked.

“Elder Qiu at the Empyrean River Palace won’t take Sectmaster Qin’s death lying down! This girl might be powerful, but Elder Qiu is an advanced emperor realm powerhouse. She won’t look so mighty in front of him. That’s right, I must tell Elder Qiu immediately.” Ole Mo recovered his clarity of thought after a moment of panic.

“Wait, if I inform Elder Qiu...

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