Chapter 1334: The Three Peafowl Feathers

Despite her inexperience, Dan Fei was a sharp girl. She was forced back, but there was no sign of defeatism in her expression.

“Qin Thirteen is a shameless man. If I use my methods to push him back, he’ll use those ordinary women as hostages against me.” Dan Fei’s brain whirred. “To kill him, I must strike him down in one blow. Otherwise, he’ll take those women with him to the grave.”

Though Dan Fei didn’t know those women, she wasn’t going to throw them to the wolves. It wasn’t in her nature to see the meek as no better than ants.

As for Qin Thirteen, Dan Fei wasn’t scared of him one bit. His current advantage meant nothing. She had a plethora of guidance from Emperor Peafowl over the years and had cultivated a custom-made system of methods. Most importantly, she had a variety of high rank treasures from the emperor.

These treasures could guarantee her life even against emperor realm opponents, much less a mid sage realm cultivator around her own level.

But how would Qin Thirteen know...

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