Chapter 1333: Stalemate

“Miss, my name is Qin Thirteen. If I’ve offended you anywhere, I do apologize first.” As a man experienced in the ways of the world, Qin Thirteen was deft at reading people’s emotions. Dan Fei’s murderous intent had intimidated him into backing off. His tone softened in an attempt to gather information. He was unsure he would have any advantage by making the first move.

“Apologize?” Dan Fei’s tone was cool. “Some crimes can’t be merely apologized for.”

Qin Thirteen grew serious. “Miss,” he saluted with cupped fist, “I’m not some no-name. Elder Qiu in the Empyrean River Palace, of the Upper Eight Regions, is my uncle. I…”

“Enough.” Dan Fei smiled placidly. “Me killing you has nothing to do with whether you’re faous or not.”

Qin Thirteen had never seen such a dogged opponent before. His expression turned frigid. “Miss, you have to make it clear to me why you want to kill me. Your mannerisms and ability tell me that you are a genius from a large sect. Are you one of the Ninesuns Sky Sect’s or the Eternal Celestial Capital’s? As...

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