Chapter 1332: Charge In And Open Up A Slaughter

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk! This place isn’t called the Precious Tree Sect anymore. It’s now the Tree Spirit Sect. Teams of wandering cultivators squat in this area and have established a sect. The sectmaster and several elders come from the strongest team. Ever since the Tree Spirit Sect took over, many wandering cultivators have come for shelter, spreading the sect’s fame.”

This bald fellow looked tall and brawny, but he was a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Dan Fei’s threat was enough to make him pee his pants, so he obediently spilled the beans and told her everything. 

“A bunch of good-for-nothing ragtags!” Dan Fei’s black brows knit slightly together. An ad hoc sect with a stolen territory, founded by wandering cultivators, and home to outlaws didn’t have much cohesiveness to speak of, no loyalty nor sincerity. Bluntly put, they’d gathered together for mere temporary interest.

“What about the members of the original Precious Tree Sect?” Dan Fei asked, her tone impassive.

“O-original?” the bald fellow stuttered. “I don’t think there was anyone here before! The Precious Tree Sect...

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