Chapter 1331: The Precious Tree Sect, Dan Fei’s Reappearance

In Myriad Domain, the sixteen kingdoms alliance’s Skylaurel Kingdom still knew peaceful days. The great chaos that engulfed region in the past had left deep marks on Skylaurel, but not to the point of extinction, thanks to its status as a mundane kingdom. The former fourth prince had now ascended the throne. However, the past few years hadn’t been easy on him.

During the invasion of Myriad Domain, all kinds of factions had also set foot in the sixteen kingdoms alliance. But the then Purple Sun Sect, later Purple Light Division of the Ninesuns Sky Sect, had met with sudden disaster and been destroyed in the space of a single night.

The alliance originally thought they would see better days after the Purple Light Division’s destruction, but the Ninesuns Sky Sect sent a prompt replacement. Many factions of wandering cultivators also entered the sixteen kingdoms, setting down roots in every mundane kingdom.

As one of the four great kingdoms of the alliance, Skylaurel was a comparatively prestigious existence and one of the places most prized by the...

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