Chapter 1330: The Scene is Set

The death of Great Scarlet’s emperor marked the end of House Yan. 

Emperor Vastsea led his men into the palace and exterminated the entire imperial lineage, leaving none alive. With the assistance of the three great sects, another purge was conducted in the capital, completely uprooting House Yan’s foundation.

The extensive slaughter caused a great amount of anxiety amongst the citizens, but Jiang Chen was quick to ease their fears.

“The imperial family colluded with the Eternal Celestial Capital to invade Myriad Domain and slaughter all that I held dear. My vengeance today is only directed towards House Yan and their collaborators. Those who have nothing to do with them can rest easy. There’s no need for panic.”

These words eased the public’s anxiety a little.

“Young lord, we’ve done all we can here. What should we do about the fourth rank sects that also invaded Myriad Domain?” Emperor Vastsea smiled.

“Those sects are no longer a cause for concern. They’re sitting ducks now that...

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