Chapter 133: Battling a Half Step Spirit Dao Realm

Chapter 133: Battling a Half Step Spirit Dao Realm

In terms of speed, the lines of the feathered wings of the Goldwing Swordbirds were quite perfect. They were basically uncontested in speed when bursting through short distances.

In terms of stamina, however, the Goldwing Swordbird’s body wasn’t big and the construction of their feathered wings determined that their stamina wouldn’t hold out for long distance flight.

Jiang Chen spurred on the Goldwing Swordbirds and flew at max speed for half an hour before catching up to Gouyu and the others. The entire crew was excited to see Jiang Chen return safely.

“We need to pick up our speed and leave the Azure Heaven Northern Palace territory as fast as possible. That band of people are all desperados that have been spoiled by the Palace and they won’t be willing to let us off that easily.”

Jiang Chen was also quite resigned. Many things could not be done according to his will when he was in someone else’s territory.

If anyone had dared to block the way and attempt to rob him within the Eastern Kingdom, Jiang Chen would’ve long since shot him dead with one arrow.

Of course, it wasn’t that Jiang Chen was afraid of the Palace, but that he’d considered the fact that the entire group had just arrived and he didn’t wish to cause trouble and embroil others.

However, Jiang Chen hadn’t...

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