Chapter 1329: The End of the Road

Multiple hands come together to push a wall down. It was a scene of kicking a man on his way down. The imperial clan had ruled for countless years over Great Scarlet. The emperor’s word was law and his prestige radiated like the sun.

However, his decisions during this series of momentous events had incurred his subjects’ disappointment, causing them to lose all hope. And at this moment, the accumulation of all these negative emotions finally broke the camel’s back.

When people lost all hope, they could lash out with a crazed violence difficult to imagine. Unlike some mundane empires, loyalty and patriotism weren’t paramount in the world of cultivators. Self interest and benefits reigned supreme.

Great Scarlet’s emperor wasn’t truly beloved to begin with. Now that his people also blamed him for leading the empire to its ruin, the tensions finally exploded. A stubborn, brainwashed minority tried to stop the crowd’s impulsiveness, but was drowned by a human tide in no time at all.

“Capture him, seize that vermin and hand him over to young lord Jiang Chen!”

“House Yan’s cruel and unjust rule should have been ended long ago. If not for them, how would Great Scarlet be backed into...

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