Chapter 1328: Fall of the Forefather

House Yan’s forefather was almost a legendary character in Great Scarlet Mid Region. None of the region’s three great sects knew that he was still living. However, his resources were still limited by the scope of his location. He’d managed to break through to great emperor, but his level was mediocre. He was inferior to any one of the Jiao brothers, which put him far below Mo Wushuang.

Being surrounded by four great emperors put him in a state of alarm. He accelerated as much as possible in order to make an attempt at a full-speed escape. He knew intimately the danger that he was currently in. He wasn’t sure if he could get out of here alive, much less kill Jiang Chen. 

As a decisive man, the forefather was single minded in his pursuits. There was no need to consider anything aside from his current plan of fleeing.

He drew his fingers across empty space, materializing a powerful talisman that illuminated its surroundings like a golden sun. In the blink of an eye, the forefather was swallowed up by the sun’s rays, turning himself...

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