Chapter 1327: Ambush From the Forefather

All four of the great emperors were battle-hardened veterans. With Jiang Chen’s orders, they led their elites to each of their assigned positions outside the formation. The young lord remained in the center to oversee the affair.

“Old Brother Mo, attack the eastern gate first. Beware of lightning strikes.

“Vastsea, take the western gate. Watch out for chaotic astral winds!

“Jiao Yun, Jiao Feng, ready yourselves to attack the north and south gates at any time. Listen for my command, and note well that these two gates conceal threats of water and fire.”

With a thunderous rumble, Emperor Peerless led the attack. He pushed both fists in a single stretching motion, sending two aureate peaks towards the eastern gate.

The emperor kept Jiang Chen’s reminder about the lightning strikes at the forefront of his mind. That was why he had elected to forgo metallic weaponry, choosing to attack great emperor level boxing auras instead.

Emperor Vastsea was determined not to be outdone. This was the first time he had a chance to do anything for Jiang Chen! He poured a hundred twenty percent...

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