Chapter 1326: The Four Great Emperors Assembled

“Young lord, why do we need to wait for Emperor Peerless?” Outside the palace, Emperor Vastsea fidgeted left and right, eager as he was to lead his elites and raid the imperial clan.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “What do you think about this formation?”

“Your subordinate thinks that with the strength of us great emperors, sheer force will be enough even if there are some gimmicks to it. Wouldn’t that be easier and more satisfying?”

Jiang Chen responded with a small smile, “If that’s what you think, then the imperial clan will probably be delighted. This formation is special, you see. Even great emperors might be trapped if they try to force it open. It won’t be lethal, but it’d still be dangerous.”

“Oh?” Emperor Vastsea was a tad skeptical. Could a trivial region have such a mighty formation? As a long exalted powerhouse in Veluriyam, even an Upper Eight Regions first rank sect wasn’t much to him, to say nothing of the trivial Great Scarlet. 

“Young master, is this formation really so peculiar?” Vastsea couldn’t help asking again as he carefully studied the design.

“I’m certain it’s an inheritance from...

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