Chapter 1325: Inside And Outside the Formations

Jiao Feng’s strength wasn’t any lower than Jiao Yun’s, so he was keen for a piece of action when he saw his brother slaughter to a heart’s content.

A formidable aura suddenly assaulted Old Guo, locking him tightly in place. 

Apart from House Yan’s forefather, no other imperial expert would dare say they could be assured of victory against Old Guo. In fact, he might be a little stronger than both Commander He and the emperor. But even so, the minister’s entire body was spasming uncontrollably like a rabbit caught in a hunter’s trap.

The formidable aura of a great emperor imprisoned him like an invisible cage, leaving him powerless to resist. He couldn’t break free no matter how hard he tried.

“Jiao Feng, keep this old man alive!” Jiang Chen suddenly transmitted from far away.

Old Guo’s head was moments away from being squeezed into paste, but Jiao Feng immediately stopped at Jiang Chen’s order. He lifted Old Guo like an eagle grasping a chick.

At Jiang Chen’s side, Emperor Vastsea rubbed his hands together, eagerness written all over his face.

“Young lord, let this subordinate charge in...

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