Chapter 1324: The Frightening Strength of Great Emperors

“Seniors, this formation is very odd indeed. Terrifying attacks come from it from time to time. Please take care.” These words were intended to curry favor with the Jiao brothers, but wandering great emperors such as they hated the most when others doubted their strength.

Harrumphing, Jiao Yun cackled. “You think we brothers are comparable to you wastes of space? Take notes on how we break through the formation.”

Having received the secrets of the formation from Jiang Chen as well as a method to break it, the Jiao brothers didn’t think much of the obstacle ahead of them. They were plenty strong enough to take care of the roadblock. Even without Jiang Chen’s method, there was no question that they had more than enough strength to throw themselves at the formation and brute-force it.

“I’ll take the right, brother. You take the left.” Jiao Yun called out to Jiao Feng.

The duo transformed themselves into streaks of light, darting toward the formation’s flanks. Two masses of burning light, akin to...

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