Chapter 1323: A Terrifying Formation

Great Scarlet Palace was the most well-defended place in all of Great Scarlet Mid Region. It was better fortified than any of the three great sects.

Under the leadership of their heads, the elites of the three sects led a furious assault upon the palace. Unfortunately, their repeated charges against the outer defensive formation failed to make a scratch. In fact, the attacking party suffered multiple casualties due to the traps within the formation instead.

Time passed as the three sects whaled fruitlessly on the high-level formation. As their offense increased, the defense seemed to match. There was a standstill for a brief time.

The three sects had originally intended to attack half-heartedly rather than use their full strength. But when more and more of their elite members died to the restrictions and traps in the formation, their tempers flared as well. 

Regardless of the extremes that they went to in their attacks, the defense held. It was as if there were countless palace walls around them; no matter how much...

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