Chapter 1322: The Three Great Sects

“Attack the palace?” The three elders blinked.

Not in a million years would they have imagined this requirement. Since they’d played no part in the invasion, they’d assumed a show of humility would be sufficient to obtain Jiang Chen’s understanding and preserve their status in Great Scarlet.

If the imperial clan was outed, the three sects would still be the greatest sects in the region. If the emperor stayed on the throne, he would be too wary of the sects’ power to fall out with them. Either way, the results didn’t matter.

It was quite a good plan. Only, the young lord had shattered their beautiful dream with a few words, leaving them without a single inch to maneuver!

“Is there a problem?” Jiang Chen’s tone grew sharp as an indifferent smile floated on his lips. Trying to be fence-sitters? Dream on!

“Nonono! In fact…”

“This isn’t a negotiation. I’m already showing mercy by giving all of you a chance. I...

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